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Xinyi Group’s Volunteers Give Out Gift Packages with Lok Sin Tong

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Xinyi Group’s Volunteers Give Out Gift Packages with
Lok Sin Tong
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Shares the Joy of Dragon Boat Festival and

Celebrates 26th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover

(Hong Kong, 27 June 2023) – The Xinyi Group of companies, namely Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited (stock code: 00868), Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited (stock code: 00968), Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited (stock code: 03868) and Xinyi Electric Storage Holdings Limited (stock code: 08328), sent volunteers to participate in the “LST Buddy Dragon Boat Festival Volunteer Event,” organized by The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon (“Lok Sin Tong”). The volunteer team gave out gift packages and well wishes to single seniors and elderly couples, and celebrated the 26th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover with them.

The Xinyi Group volunteer team, comprising staff and their families, gathered at Tung Tau Estate, Wong Tai Sin on 17 June (Saturday) to distribute the gift packages. Although they could not enter the residents’ homes due to health concerns, the volunteer team went to their door, giving gift packages to the elderly and sincere festive wishes.

Xinyi Group volunteer team participates in “LST Buddy Dragon Boat Festival Volunteer Event” to distribute gift packages.

Dr. LEE Yin Yee, B.B.S., Chairman of Xinyi Glass and Xinyi Solar, said, "The Dragon Boat Festival coincides with the 26th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. To celebrate the two occasions together, our employees gave out rice dumplings to the grassroots and elderly persons who are living alone. Committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and upholding the spirit of 'doing good deeds bring you the greatest joy', we will continue to express our care to people in need and offer help and support to them in whatever situation.”

Lok Sin Tong was founded in 1880. Having served Hong Kong for over 143 years, it is one of the oldest charitable organizations in the city. Its mission is “to relieve victims of disaster and to console people in distress; to provide quality medical care and free medicine; to promote education and to cultivate youngsters; and to care for the old and nurture the young”. Lok Sin Tong has established organizations on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. It is committed to providing the public with comprehensive and high-quality services such as medical care, education, elderly care and social welfare. It also actively participates in and organizes many social welfare and cultural and recreational activities, with the aim of building a better and more caring Hong Kong.

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