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Xinyi Group’s Volunteers Participates in “Cognitive Screening and Assessment” Activity Caring for Cognitive Health of the Elderly

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(13 November 2023, Hong Kong) – Xinyi Group companies, namely Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited (stock code: 00868), Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited (stock code: 00968), Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited (stock code: 03868) and Xinyi Electric Storage Holdings Limited (stock code: 08328), have cooperated with the Bliss District Elderly Community Centre of Hong Kong Christian Service to provide Moca-5 cognitive screening and assessment services to elderly people in Choi Fook Estate, Kowloon Bay. The activity has demonstrated Xinyi Group’s firm commitment to the community and fulfilling its social responsibility.


As Hong Kong’s population ages, the incidence of dementia is on the rise and has become a social issue of concern. The cognitive screening and assessment activity initiated by the Bliss District Elderly Community Centre of Hong Kong Christian Service aims to enable social workers to detect signs of dementia among the elderly and arrange timely follow-up. Members of the Xinyi Group volunteer team actively responded to this activity by joining hands with the professional team of the Hong Kong Christian Service to conduct cognitive screening and assessment for the elderly in Choi Fook Estate, Kowloon Bay. Through this activity, the volunteers demonstrated their care for the elderly and their concern for social issues.


Dr LEE Yin Yee, Chairman of Xinyi Glass and Xinyi Solar (S.B.S, B.B.S, M.H.), said, “The aging population is one of the most important social issues we are currently facing, and in particular, the number of elderly people suffering from dementia is increasing. The cognitive screening and assessment event has helped us detect early signs of dementia among the elderly, and let them feel the care of society. As a global company, Xinyi Group has the obligation and responsibility to provide assistance and support to the underprivileged in society. This is one of the core values of Xinyi Group, and we will continue to fulfill our social responsibility and contribute to charitable social activities as always.”


“Bliss District Elderly Community Centre” (BDECC) founded in 1998, which is the first elderly centre to have completed the improvement works under the “Improvement Programme of Elderly Centres” (IPEC) launched by the Government. The Centre dedicated to providing one-stop, comprehensive and professional community support services for senior citizens by upholding the community-based direction and adopting an integrated approach. Besides, the Centre also provide comprehensive support to the caregivers to strengthen their confidence and capabilities in caregiving, so that the seniors can continue to live in their familiar community.

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