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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is produced by laminating one or more layers of organic resin interlayer between two or more pieces of glass at high temperature and pressure. PVB film is generally used in the middle, and SGP film with better safety performance, soundproof film with better sound insulation performance, heat-insulating film with better energy-saving effect or color film with more decorative effect can be selected as needed.

     Safety: When laminated glass is damaged by external force, the glass fragments will not splash, but remain intact and prevent penetration. It can be used for various safety doors, windows, lighting walls, skylights, ceilings, etc. It can also be used in earthquake-prone and typhoon-prone areas to reduce damage caused by natural disasters.

    Sound Resistance: PVB film has the property of blocking sound wave, so that laminated glass can effectively block the sound transmission and reduce noise, especially for low frequency noise.

    Anti-UV Performance: laminated glass has high UV blockage performance (up to 99% or more), so it can prevent the aging & fading of indoor furniture, curtains, displays and other items.

    Decorative: PVB has many colors. It gives rich decorative effects when used together with coating and ceramic frit.

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