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Low-E Coated Glass

Low-E glass (low-emissivity glass) is a coating product which is made by coating various layers of metal or other compounds on the glass surface. It has high transmittance to visible light and high reflection to medium/long wave infrared. Compared with ordinary glass, it has excellent thermal-insulation performance and good visible-light transmittance. It is divided into single-silver, double-silver and triple-silver products based on the number of layers, and can be subdivided into various special functional products such as heat preservation, shading, anti-glare and temperable glass.

     It can effectively filter out the near-infrared ray in sunlight, reduce the sunshade coefficient while maintaining the visible light transmittance, effectively reduce the heat of the solar radiation, create a comfortable living environment, reduce the cost of summer cooling, and can be used to solve the contradiction between lighting and shading.

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